Girl Before a Mirror


  • MyFace Gala Video 2016 May 13, 2016

    Genevieve featured in the 2016 MyFace Gala Video honoring Dr. David Staffenberg

  • Girl Before a Mirror: How I Used Art to Recover From a Brain Injury - Vogue Sep 13, 2015

    I was offshore on my father’s boat, Desperado. The sky was darkening. The wind shifted and accelerated to the Northeast. It started to rain heavily, bolts of lightning appeared in the sky, and there was an ominous quickening of the waters. I had to throttle up the boat so that I could crest the waves, only to throttle back in time for the downward crash, riding the storm. Finally the ocean calmed.....

  • Art Therapy - Modern Luxury Jan 4, 2016

    After a life-altering accident left her unable to speak or write, author and filmmaker Genevieve Bahrenburg, whose documentary Genevieve: Girl Before a Mirror comes out this spring, overcame her physical wounds through the healing power of art....

  • American Beauty - Quest Magazine Mar 1, 2016

    Some people are just magic. The air around them feels a bit lighter... when in their presence the world looks a little bit brighter... and what may have once seemed impossible suddenly feels, well, possible. Ancient cultures have a term to describe such people.....

  • Genevieve Bahrenburg Battles Her Way Through Twelve Surgeries - Fishbowl NY Apr 13, 2015

    StyleLite managing editor Hannah Ongley recently spoke withGenevieve Bahrenburg, a former staffer at Vogue, Elle and Above magazines. Bahrenburg, whose parents both worked for Rolling Stone, is currently continuing her remarkable recovery from a horrific fall on New Year’s Eve 2013...

  • Soul Story: Genevieve Bahrenburg Mar 22, 2016

    Warrior GENEVIEVE BAHRENBURG spent 22 days in a coma and endured 13 brain surgeries after a devastating accident in 2013. After a long, grueling recovery, she's back on the bike and doubling almost every day. Now she shares her incredible and inspiring Soul Story...