Girl Before a Mirror

Jill Goldman - Director

Jill Goldman is a filmmaker and social activist. She received her MFA from UCLA Film School before directing her first feature film LOVE IS LIKE THAT starring Tom Sizemore, Richard Edson, Debi Mazar, and Seymour Cassel. She has also directed several short films including HOLDING MARGIE'S HAND starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Eric Stoltz which have won many awards and screened in numerous international film festivals. She directed a video for Lenny Kravitz “Blues for Sister Someone” and produced the play SEA OF CORTEZ by John Steppling, which won the Pen West Writers Award and the feature film CLEOPATRA'S SECOND HUSBAND released by First Run Features.

For the past 12 years Jill has dedicated her life to improving the lives of vulnerable children both locally and in the developing world. Jill is the Co-Founder of the Go Campaign, a global non-profit that supports and provides aid to grassroots organizations that serve children in need in 30 countries. GIRL BEFORE A MIRROR marks her return to filmmaking.

Jon Reiss - Producer

Named one of “10 Digital Directors of Watch” by Daily Variety, Jon Reiss is a critically acclaimed filmmaker whose experience releasing his documentary feature, BOMB IT with a hybrid strategy was the inspiration for writing Think Outside the Box Office: The Ultimate Guide to Film Distribution in the Digital Era, the first step-by-step guide for filmmakers to distribute and market their films. He recently co-wrote Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul and Selling Your Film in Europe.

Over his thirty-year career, Reiss has also produced four feature films and numerous documentaries on every continent. As a media strategist, he has helped numerous filmmakers and companies navigate the new distribution and marketing landscape. He has worked with IFP, Paramount Studios, Screen Australia, Film Independent, Creative Scotland, and The South Australian Film Corporation. He has conducted his TOTBO Master Classes over five continents and is the year-round distribution and marketing lab leader at the IFP Filmmaker Labs. He also teaches at the Film Directing Program and Cal Arts and contributes to Filmmaker Magazine, The Huffington Post, Indiewire, Screen Daily, Moviemaker magazine, and other publications.

Amy Ziering - Executive Producer

Amy Ziering is an Academy award nominated and two-time Emmy award winning documentary filmmaker. Her most recent film, THE HUNTING GROUND, a piercing, monumental exposé of rape culture on campuses, poised to light a fire under a national debate, premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. Her previous film, THE INVISIBLE WAR, a groundbreaking investigation into the epidemic of rape in the U.S. military, won the Audience Award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, the Independent Spirit Award 2012 for Best Documentary, was nominated for an Oscar and won the 2014 Emmy Awards for Best Documentary and Outstanding Investigative Journalism. Released by Cinedigm/Documara, and broadcast on PBS, the film led Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to announce significant policy changes, inspired Senator Gillibrand to co-author and push for the passage of the Military Justice Improvement Act (MJIA), and was the catalyst for the penning and passing of 35 additional new Congressional reforms. Her previous film, OUTRAGE, for which she received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Investigative Journalism, is a searing indictment of the hypocrisy of powerful, closeted politicians and the institutions that protect them. It was distributed by Magnolia Pictures and had its television premiere on HBO. Ziering also produced THE MEMORY THIEF, which stars Mark Webber, Rachel Miner, and Jerry Adler and is a thought-provoking examination of the relationship between empathy, narcissism and trauma. It was a New York Times critics’ pick and won several festival awards.

Prior to this, Ziering co-directed and produced DERRIDA, a documentary about the world-renowned French philosopher and the philosophical movement known as Deconstruction. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, won the Golden Gate award at the San Francisco Film Festival, was released theatrically by Zeitgeist Films and features an original score by Oscar winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. Ziering’s first film, Richard Cohen's critically acclaimed TAYLOR'S CAMPAIGN, was a documentary about Ron Taylor, a homeless person who ran for a seat on the Santa Monica City Council. She is the 2012 recipient of the Nestor Almendros Prize for Courage and Filmmaking, the 2013 Ridenhour Documentary Film Prize, the 2013 Gracie Award for Outstanding Producer - News/Non-Fiction, the 2013 Peabody Award, the 2014 ABA Silver Gavel Award for Television, the 2014 Media Impact Henry Hampton Award for Excellence in Film and Digital Media, and two 2014 News Emmys. Ziering is currently in production on a new project for HBO.

Adam Schomer - Editor

Adam Schomer is known for going to extreme places and lengths to follow heroic stories that bring insights into important issues and ourselves.

His award winning film THE HIGHEST PASS (2012) was theatrically released and took a deep look at fear and death amidst an epic Himalayan motorcycle adventure. THE POLYGON (2014) explored the villages most affected by forty years of Soviet nuclear testing. ONE LITTLE PILL (2015) reveals a startlingly simple new method to treat alcoholism that has been held back for too long. He returned to the Himalayas to produce and direct a follow up to The Highest Pass titled THE ROAD TO DHARMA (2018), which is an 10 episode Docu-Series for television that is currently in post production and takes us on an inquiry into what it means to be truly free.  Recently, Adam Schomer produced and released the feature documentary HEAL (2017) that looks at the science and journey behind changing one’s beliefs, thoughts, emotions and perceptions in order to cure disease. HEAL is a #1 Best-Selling Documentary on iTunes. RED DRESS WHITE BUFFALO (2019) is a feature documentary diving into the missing and murdered indigenous women of the Lakota Tribe and the spirit of those women that can no longer go unheard; currently in post production.

Adam is an Producer, Director, Editor and runs i2i Productions, located in Santa Monica, California. He can be found at:

Jarin Blaschke - Director of Photography

Jarin Blaschke is an award-winning cinematographer and an alumni of the Sundance Directors' Lab. His recent feature film credits include the long-anticipated THE WITCH, which won the Best Director Award at Sundance Film Festival in 2015, and I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS, for which he won the First Time Fest Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography.

In 2015, Jarin was named by Variety as one of the 10 Cinematographers to Watch, and by Moviemaker as one of the 13 Breakthroughs from Sundance. He is currently shooting "Shimmer Lake" directed by Oren Uziel.

Geralyn Dreyfous - Executive Producer

Geralyn Dreyfous has a wide, distinguished background in the arts, extensive experience in consulting in the philanthropic sector, and participates on numerous boards and initiatives.

She is the Founder of the Utah Film Center, a non-profit that curates free screenings and outreach programs for communities throughout Utah. In 2007, she co-founded Impact Partners Film Fund with Dan Cogan, bringing together financiers and filmmakers so that they can create great films that entertain audiences, enrich lives, and ignite social change. In 2013, Geralyn co-founded Gamechanger Films, the first for-profit film fund dedicated exclusively to financing narrative features directed by women.

Her independent producing credits include the Academy Award winning BORN INTO BROTHELS; Emmy nominated THE DAY MY GOD DIED; Academy Award nominated and Emmy Award winning THE SQUARE, Academy Award nominated and Emmy Award winning THE INVISIBLE WAR and multiple film festival winners such as KICK LIKE A GIRL, IN A DREAM, DHAMMA BROTHER, PROJECT KASHMIR, MISS REPRESENTATION, CONNECTED, ANITA, THE CRASH REEL, THE HUNTING GROUND, DREAMCATCHER, and ALIVE INSIDE. Geralyn was honored with the International Documentary Association’s Amicus Award in 2013 for her significant contribution to documentary filmmaking.

Variety recognized Geralyn in their 2014 Women’s Impact Report highlighting her work in the entertainment industry.